We coordinate and manage your legal affairs in the UK and globally if you require. Being totally independent, we can source the best and most cost effective legal experts (lawyers, solicitors, barristers) and negotiate fees on your behalf and provide clarity of instructions to your legal team. We save you time and money and provide you with reassurance that your best interests are being looked after by us at My Personal Lawyer. We report to you regularly about the progress of your case and monitor costs for you. We provide you with a legal health check review and identify areas in your personal, professional and business lives that may need addressing.

We usually work on a referral fee basis depending on the services required by our clients but overall clients obtain the best legal advice and concierge services and save costs as a result with the added comfort of knowing they have just one point of contact in the UK for all their legal and ancillary requirements. We are totally transparent as to costs from the outset as we know this can often be a worry to clients.