We offer a comprehensive legal management service for clients. Often, especially with clients who live abroad or those who simply do not have the time or the knowledge, they tend to turn to a large firm or the first lawyer they meet thinking that all their legal requirements will be catered for. What they perhaps do not realize is that the firm may not be the best option for a particular legal expertise or may not be charging a competitive rate or may not be the market leaders for that type of work. Sometimes it is difficult for a lawyer not to be conflicted if he/she feels obliged to use their own firm to deal with all of a client’s requirements even though it may not always be the best option. That is where My Personal Lawyer steps in. We work for you ensuring that you receive the best legal advice and concierge services at a budget to suit you and allowing you to have one point of contact: your trusted Personal Lawyer.

We take time to get to know you and take your full instructions so that we can relay all relevant matters to the relevant service provider on your behalf. We build and develop a rapport with you and manage clarity of all instructions across your legal and non-legal suppliers. We can also provide our own expertise in certain areas if we feel that would be in the best interests of the individual client.

We can give you a realistic view on the type of fees you can expect to pay for the service you require and we will negotiate hard to obtain the best competitive quotes in the legal market place using our in-depth knowledge of the legal sector and other related services. We will manage your affairs and monitor your legal costs for you. We can coordinate across the whole range of legal services in the UK and overseas and are used to dealing with multi-jurisdictional cases.

Why not contact us for an initial consultation to see how we can take care of your legal requirements and needs.